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HP original ★ birthday · anniversary limited course 4900 yen → 3900 yen !!

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Available days for reservation
Tuesday, Sunday, Public Holiday, Holidays

Limited course recommended for birthdays and anniversaries.In the special cake, we will also include your name and naming such as ○ anniversary.We will also serve cocktails with fireworks at dessert, along with a parade of Bali staff.

Course menu

◆ Sotoyam (Balinese Chicken Vermicuous Soup)

◆ Rawalbari

(Bean, chicken and coconut praise)

◆ Gadogado

(Warm vegetable salad Peanut sauce is added)

Assorted satin ◆

(Assorted Balinese style skewers)

The main can choose meat or fish.

☆ Beef steak


☆ Ikambakar (Balinese style seasonal fish cuisine)

◆ Nasi Goreng (Balinese style grilled rice)

◎ Special birthday · anniversary cake

(For your birthday also put your name.Those of anniversary will enter naming such as ○ anniversary, so please do not hesitate to consult us.)

◎ South Island Pineapple Cocktail with Fireworks

(With Bali Staff's Song & Parade)

Because it is a limited cuisine not in the menu, we have chosen the main fish or meat at the time of reservation.We appreciate your understanding.

2019/01/20 update