Tanner lot course 4200 yen

Tanner lot course 4200 yen

4200 yen

One person (tax excluded)

Content enrichment course of authentic Balinese cuisine.O ★ 11 dishes + a drink after a meal a profitable service with a perfect service.Recommended for those who enjoy delicious food while tasting the resort feeling ♪

● Shrimp of Bali
● Balinese style pork soup
● seafood salad
Bali-style spring spring roll
● Grilled chicken kiln
● Assorted Balinese style skewers
● Charcoal grilling of shrimp
● Charcoal grilled pork
● Balinese style fried noodles
● Balinese style fried rice
● Dessert (lift banana + vanilla ice)
Tapioca coconut milk

※ Course dish will be share style (distinctive style).